Crowd & Conflict Management


CCM Consultancy is an advanced crowd dynamics resource that draws together high level scientific and operational expertise to deliver leading edge consultancy, continuing professional development (CPD) training, research and media commentary. The consultancy is led by one of the world’s most respected crowd psychologists with extensive policy impact and experience of advising on crowd management issues at the highest levels. Our mission is to assist Police, Government and other agencies to deliver the most effective and efficient  forms of crowd management in ways that promote Human Rights, support Democracy and reduce conflict.

What do we deliver?

CCM Consultancy is available to deliver service evaluations and other forms of high level research on operational practice as this relates to crowd management. We also deliver policy advice, project management guidance and high level advanced CPD to police and other agencies. The consultancy is currently delivering projects for police forces in the U.K, Sweden and Australia, and has worked previously with strategic partners such as the EU, the EC, The Council of Europe, National Governments, UEFA, and media companies such as the BBC, ITN, Blast and Lion Television.


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